Tell Your Life's Story And Take Back Your Life


In any good story, the hero (or heroine) goes through a trial, learns something about themselves, and emerges wiser, stronger, and braver. This is the classic narrative form.Our own lives are also a narrative, but we are often so busy recovering from the trial, or preparing for the next one, that we don't take stock of what we have learned about ourselves, and then we can't take that knowledge and appy it to being wiser, braver or stronger.But we could. And we should. Because otherwise we just go around being the weaker, more scared, and not so smart versions of ourselves. And wouldn't you rather feel like the heroine of your story instead?In this episode, I talk with Stacy Brookman, who teaches a writing method called Life Storytelling. Stacy uses this method with people who have experienced some kind of trauma in their life, and helps them to write their way through their experience togain some perspective and insight. Stacy shares how she came to this work after experiecing the power of the process herself.She uncovered a life-long pattern in her life through the writing process, and was able to change it, and as a result, change everything in her life.You have the power to be a heroine, to be brave, wise and strong. Learn more about how you can get there by listening to Episode 13 now by clicking the little arrow in the play bar below (if you don’t see it, reload the page), or head over to iTunes or your favorite podcast player.If you enjoyed this episode, I’d be so grateful if you’d go to iTunes and leave a rating and a review. They are very helpful in making it easier for others to find the show.Links from this episode:

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