Journaling For Your Life, with Grace Howes

Doña Bumgarner and Grace Howes talk on the Nurturing Habit podcast about art journaling as self-care, and how this process can help you achieve your goals, understand yourself better, and increase your creativity. #podcast #artjournaling #journaling #selfcare

Journaling has many benefits, including increasing mindfulness, helping you achieve goals, and increasing your self awareness, confidence and creativity. And art journaling - that is, starting the written journaling process with a visual component - is thought to deepen all of those benefits. And besides, it's fun!  

This week's guest, Grace Howes, geeks out with me about how to start an art journal in the most simple and accessible way. We talk about the benefits we've each found in this process, some of our favorite ways to get our thoughts and feelings out of our heads and onto the page, and how this surprisingly simple habit has become a deep and essential component of our self-care.

Learn how to up your self care and begin your own art journal in Episode 14 now by clicking the little arrow in the play bar below (if you don’t see it, reload the page), or head over to iTunes or your favorite podcast player.

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