Show Your Roots - Blending your cultural story into your life and business, with Emily Halpern

Guest Emily Halpern on Nurturing Habit episode 30 with Doña Bumgarner

Guest Emily Halpern on Nurturing Habit episode 30 with Doña Bumgarner

Who are you? Who are you beyond the surface level - wife, mom, entrepreneur, sister, friend? There are so many ways we can describe ourselves that go so much deeper. I’m a second-generation immigrant, a teacher in a long line of teachers, a feminist, the daughter and the granddaughter of a feminist, I come from a history of war and poverty and service.Who you are is shaped by your culture, your history, your heritage, as well as what you are doing in your life in the present. And our lives, and our businesses, are so much more interesting, rich, and meaningful if we bring all of that history to light and include it in our story. Is who you are fully part of the story you tell of yourself?This week’s guest, Emily Halpern, is a coach for creative professionals, a classical soprano, and a lover of all things heritage, culture, and food. Her career has taken her from the stage of the New York Philharmonic to the kitchens of Chez Panisse, to the halls of the Tenement Museum, to the adventures of entrepreneurship.For over 15 years, her focus has been consistent: exploring and expressing the practices, attitudes, and ideas that help us to understand ourselves and one another.Whether face to face with clients, on stage, or in the kitchen, her drive to enrich every day with beauty, meaning, and genuine connection is at the core of everything she does.Listen to Episode 30 now in the play bar below (reload your browser if you don’t see it). Or open the episode in iTunes. This show is also available in Google Play and in Stitcher.

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