Find your strengths as an introvert, with Nicole Burgess


When I worked at Apple, I felt out of place and like an alien a lot. I was soft spoken in a world of shouters. I was slow and deliberate  in a field where first to market was everything. I often thought of the point I needed to make in the morning’s meeting while driving home from work in the afternoon, totally exhausted from the number of interactions I’d had with other people that day.What I didn’t know at the time, but am beginning to see now, is that exactly the things that felt a liability at the time, are absolutely my strengths. I don’t say anything until I’m really sure about it, and when I say it, my colleagues know to pipe down and listen up. I’m fantastic at 1:1 interactions - I listen deeply, absorb all the nuances and hear what they are not saying as much as what they are. I can synthesize a huge amount of information into clarity, and find patterns in what others see as chaos.That’s some powerful stuff.Have you ever seen your introverted personality as holding you back, especially in a job or how you run your business?Well, this episode is for you, then.My guest, Nicole Burgess, is a licensed psychotherapist, host of the podcast Soulfilled Sisterhood, and empowerment mentor for introverted professional women. She helps women remove their good girl masks, end people pleasing behaviors and blaze their own soul-filled trail in life. Nicole's mentoring blends the practical with the spiritual to support women in increasing self-confidence and their capacity to handle any challenges they are faced with and a sense of accomplishment as they take the action they know they need to take and see positive results.Listen to Episode 34 now in the play bar below (reload your browser if you don’t see it). Or open the episode in iTunes. This show is also available in Google Play and in Stitcher.

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