How to get your fire back.


If your experience of motherhood feels often harder than you expected or imagined it would be, you aren’t alone.

If you have been feeling like you lost track of your real self somewhere in the midst of laundry and homework and doctors appointments, you aren’t alone there, either.

I’ve been taking stock of my own life, and also looking around at my friends and lots of women I know, and I’m starting to see something common and troubling. We aren’t happy. Our middle years, filled with motherhood and careers and marriage, looked a lot easier and more fulfilling from the rosy glasses of our 20s than it looks now that we’re hip deep in it.

We’re worn out, struggling, frustrated and quite a bit lost.

Obviously this is not an episode on how to nurture yourself in business, as recent episodes have been. No, this is me changing directions a bit, with a new focus in my business and on this podcast.

Listen now to find out where I’m going, why I’m so excited about it, and what it means for you - especially if you felt like I was describing your life just now.Listen to Episode 35 now in the play bar below (reload your browser if you don’t see it). Or open the episode in iTunes.

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