Soul-Fed Mama: Self-Portrait Sunday - Feet

Self-Portrait Sunday - Feet, part of the Soul-Fed Mama series |

This is the second week of the Soulf-Fed Mama self-portrait challenge. Last week we looked at our hands. This week, let’s talk about feet.self-portrait-feetWhat do your feet say about you? What kinds of shoes do you wear and what does that say about how you spend your time? Do you wear boots? Slip-ons? Do you require good arch support because you spend your day on your feet? Do you live in sandals because your feet are always hot? Are you shoes a carefully chosen accessory or an afterthought to your outfit? What shape are your toes? Do you paint your toenails? What color?self-portrait-bootsThis week, take a portrait of your feet. They can be bare, or in socks or shoes. They can be at rest or at work. Let the photo tell a story of where you are standing in your life right now.Share your photo on Instagram, Facebook or your own blog. Tag it with #soulfedmama so we can see each other’s photos.

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