Soul-Fed Mama: Trust Your Gut

Trust Your Gut, part of the Soul-Fed Mama series on Mama, you know.You might not know you know, but you do.You know how to be the best parent you can be. You know what your child needs. You know when something is wrong, when they are ill, sad, or scared. You know when they need your support and when they need some room to experiment or even to fail.You know what your child needs to help her sleep, and what to do when she wakes in the night.You know when to stop nursing, when to supplement with formula, and where your baby sleeps best.You know.There are so many experts out there telling us to do this thing or that thing. They are strident, they tell you they know best, they contradict each other.But this is what I believe: If you are really trying, from your heart, to do the right thing, you will. Or you will get really close, and you will keep trying and keep improving your aim.The experts might give you new ideas, some new tools, or some direction, but if the expert advice doesn’t fit for your family, for you or for your child, you will know it. And you don’t have to follow it just because they are experts.You are the expert on your family.Likewise, you are the expert on you.You know when you are depleted. You know when you need rest. You know when you are happy and you know when you need to take a break. You know what is most important in your life and what you can let go of. You know what delights you and what relaxes you.Trust your gut. If you can’t hear your gut, slow down and listen harder.[Tweet "Mama, you know. You know. "]You just need to DO.

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