Soul-Fed Mama: 31 Days Done & What's Next?

What's Next, the final post in the Soul-Fed Mama series on www.nuturedmama.netWell, folks, we did it. We reached the end of 31 days of soul-feeding, and 31 days of blogging.Thank you so much for hanging out with me for this series, or joining me if you are new! 

What’s next

I’m going to take a little blog vacation - just a week - to catch up on some neglected projects away from the screen, dive into a new book, and generally rejuvenate my brain.After that I’ll return to posting regularly, just not quite AS regularly!I have some ideas and projects up my sleeve, but I’d really like to hear what you’d like to see around here, too.  See below for more on that. 

Reader survey

This little blog is almost a year old. I’m so grateful for each and every one of my readers! But I don’t actually know much about you, and I’d like to.I’ve set up a short - 10 question - survey for you to tell me a bit more about yourself and what you would like to read here. 

Coming soon

In the coming months I’m planning to launch a couple of micro and not-so micro ecourses. If you’d like to hear about those as soon as they are available (and get special subscriber-only pricing), please leave me your email address here 

Stay in touch

If you aren’t already on my mailing list, and would like to get my monthly newsletter, posts right in your in box and of course the nifty Nurtured Mama Manifesto, you can sign up for that right here.If you missed any of the 31-day Soul-Fed Mama series, you can find the index here. I’ll see you in a week!